About Us

About Us:

Welcome to the Evergreen media,

Evergreen Media Solutions is a fun-filled website which often provides you with information on various niches.

Our team is all over the internet covering on all the most exciting topics such as “Entertainment, Fashion, News, Films, Trailers, Photos and more.”

Evergreen media has been reaching out to the people heart and making them smile by providing, and user loved articles. We aren’t like the other corporate, and we don’t create crappy and unreadable articles like some of the WebPages which are hovering through the internet.

Although we produce fascinating articles and the latest film updates. We strive to attract the audience and make them feel the article when they go through it. That’s why we are making our users and our community happy.

Want to know more about us?

Then you have landed on the perfect page. In this page, we will be sharing our story and our journey to create this fun-filled and user-friendly “Evergreen Media.”

Why we created Evergreen Media?

These days you can see hell lot of websites hovering over the internet with loads and loads of articles. But, in those millions of WebPages, you can see different categories of sites such as sports, technology, fashion, and what not there are a hell lot of topics?

Isn’t it?

Now, in those millions of WebPages, most of the sites are always producing spam and unreadable content. Although few sites are delivering useful content but it isn’t reachable to all the audience. So, we felt like we can create a fun-filled content which can reach the heart of the reader.

Here we aren’t saying any un-findable news on the internet, but instead, we are creating the content which is unique than other articles and which can make people smile & feel the article.

That’s the main reason why we have created this “Evergreen Media.”

Did you find it funny?

If you find it funny means obviously we are making you smile? Isn’t it.

Now, are you wondering?

What you’ll find on Evergreen Media?

I have given an outside look at the Evergreen Media in the above short paragraphs. Now, let’s go to its insights and find out what you will find on this exciting and fun-filled “Ever Green Media” Website.


People generally love entertainment news and articles. They usually strive to get the latest updates in their news feeds about the funny incidents in the entertainment niche.

We generally cover all the aspects of entertainment such as funny articles, filmy updates and lot more about the entertainment aspects. If you are a fun lover who strives to watch out all the best and trending articles on the entertainment means you have to visit Evergreen media. It is because we provide all the trending and popular entertainment articles as quickly as possible. We are faster than thousands of sites in delivering you the latest entertainment content.


Are you interested in reading news articles then don’t worry in evergreen media we have covered news aspects as well? You can simply enjoy all the latest news articles on our site. Our team always provides the fresh updates and delivers straight into your news feeds.


If you are a movie lover, then don’t worry? We have covered you as well.

We bring the latest trailers next minute they got released from the official broadcaster or uploader.

Usually, thala fans always love to watch out their god video as quickly as possible, but they often find it difficult to get the link of the video.

So, if you are trying to see your favorite trailer soon after it released means, you should visit Evergreen media. Not only Thala fans, here we will upload all latest trailers of Indian film industry. We will instantly cover Tamil movie trailers. You don’t have to roam around the official pages for the video you can quickly visit our trailers page.


Are you interested in exploring the latest videos?

Then the best place to do it is Ever Green Media.

In evergreen Media, you can watch out all the latest and trending collection of videos. Our team always selects the perfect and trending videos people generally love to watch, and we will keep all those videos on our evergreen Media page.


Are you searching for your favorite hero or heroine latest movie photo stills to keep it in your desktop wallpaper or on your mobile phones? Then the best place to get your favorite hero or heroine latest stills and photos is evergreen Media. In this site, you can quickly filter all the images, and you can instantly download high-quality photos.


Are you searching for your favorite event dates and details of the event venues of the film industry and other entertainment industry?

Then we have covered you as well; we have included an event section to our page which is helpful for all the people who search for film events dates and address. As we are created this page freshly, we’ll be uploading all the events as soon as they are released.


Wanted to know about the “Ever Green Media Team”:

Then Ever Green Media is running mainly by the contribution of the passionate writers who are having expertise in different sections such as the media, fashion, films, videos, and entertainment niche. As said above our team is all over the internet topics and produces all types of user-friendly content.

Are you hungry for more Topics?

Then do let us know in the comments section so that we can include your favorite topics in this “ Ever Green Media” Site.