Brand Consulting

Brand Consulting

At Evergreen Media, we are brand builders – experts in big thinking, creative ideas and fresh innovative solutions. We help our clients identify, ideate and solve their market needs and challenges. Whether it's a revamp of an existing identity of your brand or a more comprehensive strategic brand exercise for a new startup, product or business, our goal is to help our clients craft brands that stand for something, and stand out from the competition.

One fundamental question that comes to the mind when you want to establish a brand and the question is “Where do I Start?”

At Evergreen, we have defined a process that will give your brand the right goal, path, result expectation and the timeline. The process also helps you identifying the placement and the market share of the competitors and how are you going to be different in the world that is full of brand communication.

As brand builders, we work to bring the latest and greatest approaches to the mix in order to ensure our clients and their brands are sharing the right story.

In the meantime, here are some things to think about…

  • What is your brand talking?
  • What is your brand showing?
  • How are you sharing the story with your audiences?

Case Study

Vimal Oil & foods has the widest (Sunflower, Corn, Cotton, Groundnut, Mustard, Soyabean) range of refined edible oils.

Now since all refined oils are close substitute and being marketed under an umbrella brand of “Vimal”, it would a difficult task of promoting one oil over other.

Through research we had known the goodness of blended oil and it is a proven scientifically. So we came up with the concept of oil rotation rather than consuming one type of oil. This would enable us to enjoy the benefits specific to each oils. Through this campaign we busted the myth that one particular oil is the best.

The slogan was

  • Badalte Raho Swasth Raho.
  • Keep changing your edible oil, its healthy.
  • Choose from the widest range of vimal healthy refined oils
  • We did a 360 degree campaign around this slogan on outdoors, radio, activations, print media

    This campaign received a huge traction in the market, specially our radio spots on

    • Having dal, roti, sabzi, chawal for complete nutrition
    • Studying history, maths, physics, chemistry for complete knowledge
    • Exercise for arms, legs, back etc for complete fitness.
    • Keep changing your edible oil, its healthy.